Local Band and Concert

I spend a lot of time working with bands. I gravitate towards making music videos with them. This one band in particular, Dirty Water, has a very grungy blues vibe to them and their look is just so different. They’re amazing to watch.

Struggling to find a subject for this final assignment I realized that I have some very interesting subjects in front of me almost every weekend! The boys play at various small venues throughout the suburbs and I follow them, camera in hand.

While some of their photos can seem documentarian in nature, these are meant to capture their raw style in a way that is less intrusive than an interview, per se. Taking inspiration from their music and personal style, I decided to warm up the pictures and give them some more character as far as post work. To help play up the styles of the boys I worked with a more vintage 1970s vibe.

Nick, on lead guitar, is a lanky quiet man. Always looking like a white Jimi Hendrix, he really knows how to work a guitar. His riffs are furious and he plays with so much soul. When he’s on stage, his sweet personality take a side seat to a more passionate and confidant musician.

Derek, the bassist, has a more macho feeling than the other two guys. While animated when playing, like Charlie, Derek tends to present a more cocky persona to the stage, always with sunglasses holding his hair back. He brings a real swagger when he’s performing.

Charlie, on drums, with his mop of shaggy black hair, had so much character while playing; pursing his lips, bending low over the snare, artfully tossing the hair out of his eyes, he was a joy to witness.


Pakistan the Movement

I really love Sally Mann’s use of black and white. Sometimes the exposure is darker or it’s lighter. These varying values help to create a mood.

Exposure is always a challenge, especially when working with artificial lighting. I took a more modern approach yet kept the images stark and simple. The plain black background helps to make the subject pop.